Peter’s Fund (Suffolk)

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Peter’s Fund (Suffolk)

Peter Cawthorn was born on the 2nd November 1987. Peter had many handicaps; he had a small head, a condition known as “microcephally” as a result of this he was unable to see, and was unable to walk or talk. He also had a hiatus hernia, making him frequently sick when fed.

His life expectancy was limited, but with the highest medical care and love Peter lived on to his teens.

Peter’s parents became increasingly aware that they could not accommodate Peter’s needs within the home and so contacted Suffolk County Council. A project team was set up with Suffolk Coastal District Council, Orbit Housing Association, and other parents with similarly profoundly handicapped children. It was agreed to raise £100,000 towards the capital cost of the Housing project.

A limited company, Hope House Suffolk, (“HHS”) was created, which was remarkably registered as a charity on 29th February 2000; (Peter had been christened on 29th February 1988). Fund raising started with book sales, sponsored runs, and gifts.

Peter died suddenly on 7th August 2000, but the project continued Hope House, at Grange Farm, near Ipswich, was built. It provides a home from home for 4 profoundly handicapped young people.

A separate charity was set up for the house itself, The Friends of Hope House Kesgrave (“HHK”). HHK received a start up donation from HHS and raised further funds for the house at Kesgrave, for a special vehicle to take the children out in, and for holidays for them.

HHS went on to sponsor special equipment at Ipswich Hospital for use with children with special needs. It also sponsored an educational program in Suffolk run by Just Different.

In order to differentiate Hope House Suffolk from its Sister Charity, Friends of Hope House Suffolk, Hope House Suffolk’s name was changed to Peter’s Fund (Suffolk) on 19th January 2012.

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